Tuesday, April 1, 2014


As usual aku mesti buat entry of town shots. People, buildings, food dan lain2.

Nope we did not get to use the new bridge cause the day we wanted to cross was the day of perasmian of the 2nd bridge. So the exits heading to the bridge was closed.

It was Saturday 1st March 2014 and the traffic was pretty good. Tak jam. Agaknya masa2 cam ni memang tak jam kot.

Some old buldings that describes 'characters' to me :)

Just love these preserved old colonial buildings.

And it's people.

Teringin nak naik beca ni but my friend said it is quite expensive.
Plus not a good idea to naik beca cause I would used the word 'blistering' to describe kadar kepanasan masa tu.

I can spend hours at the old part of town. Tapi hari sgt panas, so 1/2 jam cukup ler.. hihi...

Adam told us that we must try this mee sotong. Sedap kata dia.
After I had a plate, I enthusiastically concurred.. hihi...

We decided to have dinner at the stalls. The guys suggested here. I forgot the name of the place. It has just about every type of food Penang is famous for.

The pasembor dari gerai ini, bak kata org putih, 'is to die for'. Too much pulak rasanya kata cam tu...hihi.
But seriously it is very delicious!

The various selections and the owner. Ramai pelanggan sampai beratur panjang. Harga boleh tahan jugak la.

But of course, jeruk. My friends bought for their family and for others yg pesan. I like jeruk too but will eat only like 2, 3 pieces je. Kalau lebih2 jadi sakit tekak dan perut.
Also aku cuba2 gak carik t'shirt ala Superdry. Jumpa tapi kurang 'Ummmph' :( . Sebab: original Superdry printed men's tee sells at RM169.00.  Mahal giler tu!

Tu tuan punya kedai jeruk ni. My friends bought jeruks from him... err... her.

Vino said to try this delicious tahu goreng cicah dengan sos cili dgn taburan kacang tumbuk. I like tahu goreng but the sos tu manis sikit to my liking. Better kalau pedas I think.

Suasana jalan tempat banyak gerai2.

Tentunya mesti try cendol also. S-E-D-A-P !!! Nuff said! :)

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  1. hahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    'him' eh 'her' tu suara macam 'him' or 'her' ..?
    besar gak dia 'punya' !

    suka sangat apek dan nyonya kat fotostet machine tu!!

    1. Hahahahaaa...
      Suara dia macam garau tapi dibuat2 lembut... something like that lah.... hihi
      A'aa kan.... besar gak..... enhancement kot.. hihi....

      Apek tu tgh lunch actually. I was waiting for the nyonya to turn around so that I can see her face but she did not. Nampaknya dia busy masa tu.
      Bila nampak scene cam ni.... I wonder about a lot of things..... I jadi happy, sad, heran etc....