Thursday, April 3, 2014

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

Teruja sangat tengok excellent shots by my friend of the hot air balloons yang baru je berlangsung di Putrajaya, buat aku teringat balik the experience I had masa I went to that 1st event back in 2009.

Cari2 balik dalam archive dan jumpa!

Since I tak dapat join her, so here's to my dear friend Doc. Thought I share with you and with all my other friends too :)
Old photos la tapi ya...hihi...

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009, hot air balloon, syed amran images,

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  1. alaaaa.. nyesal tak pergi...
    cantik pic dalam belon tu, mcm dalam citer the journey :)

    1. Thanks Syed.
      Hmm.. ni yearly event so plan la for next year ok :)
      I actually masuk ke dalam belon tu and took that shot...hihi...

  2. oh my oh my oh my!!!!!!!!
    cantik-cantiknya shots en syed!!!!!!
    [ rasa nak sorok shots saya bawah meja... !! hehheeehee..]

    tak tau nak pick out yang mana saya paling suka sebab semuaaa saya suka!!
    yang balloon biru tu yang en syed dapat masuk dalam belon tu eh?
    untung en syed dapat masuk!!
    saya dapat hulur hujung kamera masuk je.. :)

    yang close up api from the burner tu sangat awesome!!

    i was totally engrossed with the balloon and the surroundings shots.. as usual.. i forgot to look for what are around the balloons.. the people!!!
    your trade mark 'caught at the moment' people shots , love it sooo much!!!

    1. Geee.. thanks doc. You too too kind. Thanks... :)
      Oh no, no... jgn sorok or feel like that doc. We both have our own style and approach to photography. Let's enjoy each other's work. For me I learn a lot from your shots and others photographers'. It is always such a great feeling having the opportunity to appreciate my friend's work.

      Yes, yg biru tu, I dpt masuk dalam belon tu. Sebenarnya I memang nak tapi masa tu fikir kot that's against the safety regulations. So bila the balloonist kata nak masuk ke, I immediately said yes :)

      Tu leh close up cause pakai 70-300mm... hihi... Thanks doc.

      Thanks. It always is and will always be my first considerations i.e the people. Like, no town, if no people. So, no fantastic hot air balloons if no balloonists :). Hope that make sense..hahaha. Plus in these instances, including the people in my framings sorta give the feel of enormity of the balloons.

      Thanks again doc for the lovely comments. Appreciate it :)

  3. saya suka semua sampai rasa nak nangis! :'D

    1. Thanks dear.
      I tgk2 balik foto2 ni rasa nostalgic pulak...hihi