Tuesday, February 18, 2014


08-02-2014 - 10.57 AM - ANGKOR WAT

Our itinerary described Angkor Wat as '.. one of the wonders of the world...'. I can see why.

Ni yg paling aku dreaded. Tinggi nak panjat, very steep and I am carrying a 5 kg bag.

Sceneries kat situ cantik giler!

A nun. No monks or priests though :(

As we were leaving bus loads of other tourists, mostly Koreans, flocked to the entrance to go to the top part of the Angkor Wat. Fortunately we were there early.

Apparently, Angkor Wat is a famous place for wedding shots too :)

These are the bridesmaids.

Such a pretty bride :)

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  1. alaaa..
    dah komen panjang2 tadi.. tetiba hang .. sambung type.. publish.. tak keluar lak!!
    waaaaa!!!!!! nangis!!

    1. I know! It happened to me once or twice. So now if I comment panjang2 I will copy paste dulu ke tmpt lain then baru post just in case... hihi...
      Frustrating kan... :(

  2. ni en syed masuk ikut east gate ke? lain macam je..
    dengar2.. masuk ikut east gate lagi cantik.. lagi asli ..

    en syed panjat sampai atas! bravo!!
    saya pandang je.. tak panjat.. panas!![ + malass!! hahhahaaa!!]

    battle of kurukshetra kan tu? berkilat.. ramai yang merabanya! :)

    bride tu mermang cantik kan! macam mixed .

    imagine.. kat pokok-pokok besar tu dulu ada rumah.. pasar..orang kampung lalu lalang..

    one of the wonders of the world
    and we have been there, touching it..

    1. Yes, I believe it was the East Gate. I think so la cause I wasn't really paying attention sebab dah terlalu excited..hehe...
      Masa tu tgh sibuk fikir macam2, like what's the best sudut nak shoot these amazing structures, how la nak shoot my 'models' their angles and poses etc and we only have, like, only a few minutes je... huhu. Actually part of our trip there was to also do photoshoot.

      Yes, indeed I did! Hahaha... thanks doc.
      Fortunately I got Adam to carry my bag and Syahir to carry my camera. So no load for me..hihi...
      It was very steep sampai I sakit lutut. Tapi since the rest of them nak naik, tak kan le I nak dok kat bawah je. So ikut le jugak :)

      Yes. The carvings are soooo amazing. The details are superb. Tambah dgn info dari our guide, it made it all that much more amazinger! Hihi...

      Pretty, right :). Thought it'd be interesting to include their photos in this Angkor Wat entry :)

      That's exactly what I did doc! While standing there I imagined what's it like during the heyday. I think it must have been epic.

      Witnessed it, touched it, felt it...

  3. haaa!! untung aaa Adam dan Syahir dapat gambar lawa-lawa!!!!!!!!!
    West Gate tu, masuk ikut jambatan yang cross the moat tu.. main gate..

    1. Hehe.... si Syahir cakap, 'Waa... kita dah jadi 'model' international gi photoshoot over the sea!' ... haha...
      Diaorg tu memang kelakar. Seronok berjln dgn diaorg berlima tu. Fun.... hihi...

      Yup. I remembered our tour guide informing us that he took us via entry yg opposite from the crowd which is just excellent :)