Thursday, February 28, 2013


Cuba kawan-kawan teka gambar apakah ini? :).

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Update: 01/03/2013
- It was water from kitchen tap set to flow as slow as I possible could, more dribblings rather then drippings. The water flow looked continuous to the naked eyes but in macro shot, they are actually a series of individual drops of water. Hence the blobs of water drops. Fascinating ain't it :). 

- The mercury like shiny colour/tone was due to flash and black background. I used black cardboard. So air yang jerneh nampak silverish tu :).

- The 'fiery' effect was light 'trapped' and 'shaped' by the water dribble itself when I pointed a small torch light from below. Yes, it was light trapped in the water flow. Beaming the light from below made it somehow look fiery. I reckon since light travels faster and was contained within the water shape (like a tube or fibre optic) the result was that fiery look and not blobs of water drips. Agaknya la, theory je ni.. hehe.

- I reckon too that the light just travelled half way through the water flow and did not quite reach to the tap above.. hehe. 

- What's fascinating, to me at least, both the fiery effect and drops of water were captured in the very same shot. They happened at the same time. Each in their own individual shape. No rotating of image, no overlap/merge of 2 different shots. Only minor PS adjustments for tone/brightness. 

So there, that's the answer. Simply put it is water droplets and a torch light :)

Terima kasih kepada semua yang telah cuba meneka :)


  1. Perghhh.... terkagum aku tgk...

    besi welding mencair?

    1. Oh, bukan bro :) Cuba teka lagi!

      Menarik gak kalau dpt shoot besi cair!

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  3. merkuri

    kalau tak merkuri mesti timah cair yg dipanaskan dari solder

    1. Sorry bro, tak tepat tekaan tu.. hehe
      However, I can see why you made that guess though. Good try TP! :)

  4. something yg cair, nampak panas.. TP dah guess solder tapi masih tak tepat..
    nampak macam flame, tapi mungkin bukan..
    saya rasa cuma titisan air biasa dijatuhkan keatas sesuatu yang menyala?
    tapi nampak titisan tu macam flat, mungkin cuma kelompok air atas permukaan berkilat? sebab nampak ada kesan pencahayaan dari atas..

    anyway.. it really hard to guest what is it Mr. Syed..
    good shot and really artistic!

    1. Oooohhh.... you are very very close to getting the correct answer!

      Betul ianya adalah titisan air biasa, dari paip sinki kat rumah je actually :)
      Tapi apakah benda yg nampak macam berapi itu? Fyi, itu bukan flame.. hehe...

      Thanks bro for that intelligent assessments and segmentation of this shot. Much appreciate it.

      Tunggu kan jawapannya ya. Nanti I up. Just in case ada rakan2 kita yg lain nak membuat tekaan.

  5. Eh salah ye....takpe2 buat kajian sikit lagi

    1. Hehe.. thanks bro. You can refer to mjmp's partially correct answer above :)

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    1. doc, now you can guess lah cause jawapan mjmp dah nak dekat dah...

  7. mula-mula nk teka rokok elektrik yg tgh popular tu..
    tp Mr.Syed kata air dari paip sinki...ermmm...ermmmm...

    not sure lah.. hehehehe..

    arrggghhhh...!!cepat la bagi jawapan.. :)

    1. Oooo.... yg E-Cigarettes tu ye :) Kebetulan I had a conversation about that e-rokok thingy with some colleagues at the office. Like, how effective it is la, cost saving la, bla, bla, bla... hehe.

      Ok, I digress :)

      Ok, sat lagi I'll reveal the answer.... ;)

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    1. Hehe.... just something to ponder upon :)