Monday, January 5, 2015


Petronas #tanahairku Street Art Exhibition ni telah diadakan di Galeri Petronas, KLCC dari 25/11/2014 hingga 04/01/2015. Macam mana saya tahu tentang exhibition ni? Terjumpa di Youtube. Selalunya adverts saya skipped je but this one got me transfixed :).

First of the video clips are just awesome. They are so 'stylish' and 'attention grabbbing' that I watched all 3 episodes dgn penuh interest. Secondly, the subject matter is on something that I have always been fascinated with - the street arts! :)

6 walls of amazing street arts by 14 street artists! 
A huge thanks to Petronas for the awesome project!  

I will be presenting my exciting journey in 7 parts starting with a look at the exhibition itself as a whole [Part 1] followed by the other 6 parts as each of the street art is so deserving a dedicated entry :). 

All photos are taken at the exhibition. 

Seperti biasa saya akan pastikan saya dapat a copy of the event's pamphlet/brochure or anything that has information about the event. Cause it is always more interesting and prudent to know a little bit of the event. Baru la enjoy! :)

So here is the pamphlet for this exhibition. Ada semua info yg penting. Senang :).

Ni peta lokasi of the 6 walls. I actually went to all 6 and took photos. More of that later :)

Entrance Galeri Petronas di KLCC for the exhibition.

I just love this artsy deco :)

Di sini dipamerkan lukisan2 and designs by the public on a given template of the 6 walls.

Some of them are really wonderful!

Ok, the rest of the photos are pretty much self explanatory. Enjoy :)

The preparations before the actual realization of the works.

Saya suka betul tgk sketches macam ni!

The street artists! Saya noticed semua lelaki. Tak der street artists perempuan kat Malaysia ni? :)

Ok, next I'll be posting the first of the 6 street arts starting with "SMILE".

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  2. ahah semua lelaki
    dan semuanya muda2 belaka
    sangat kreatif

    1. Nice kalau ada artists wanita for a woman's perspective :).