Monday, April 20, 2020


Sambung lagi cerita percutian kami di Thailand last year.

Lepas spent time di Thepprasit Honey Centre, kami menuju ke tempat lawatan seterusnya. Macam di Vietnam, di Thailand ni pun power lines macam ni. Di Malaysia tak ada sebab rasanya kabel kita is underground.

Dah lewat petang, so traffic jam sikit. 

Crossing Lat Phrao canal. 

This is Thailand's national emblem. 
🔵 The Garuda was officially adopted as the national emblem by Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in 1911. However, the mythical creature had been used as a symbol of royalty in Thailand for centuries. The Garuda is depicted on seals, which are used by the King and the Government of Thailand to authenticate official documents and as its primary emblem.
🔵 The Garuda is a mythological beast of the Hindu and Buddhist tradition. According to Hindu mythology, the Garuda is the vahana (vehicle) of the god Vishnu (Narayana). The ancient kings of Thailand believed in divine kingship, and considered themselves the incarnation of the god Narayana. Thus, the Garuda came to symbolise the divine power and authority of the king.

Kawasan perindustrian.

Central Festival EastVille - a shopping mall.

Autobots are a team of sentient mechanical self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms from the planet Cybertron led by Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime. 

Kiri: Songthaews - salah satu pengangkutan awam di Thailand. 

Grand Crysal - luxury mansions.

Ok sampai dah ke Chocolate Ville. Ooo.. ada old traditional windmill. A wooden Dutch windmill, no less. Nice. Ada European vibe. 

Beautiful sunset at Zaanse Schans Chocolate Ville, Bangkok 😊. 

When I first read the itinerary untuk pakej percutian ni, ingatkan Chocolate Ville ni dia punya specialty is all things chocolate. You know, like there's a massive chocolate making facilities where visitors can witness chocolates making processes, and rows upon rows of chocolate stores where visitors can sample and buy a huge variety of chocolate products from chocolate bars to chocolate desserts, stuff like that. 
Beautiful replicas of European buildings di depan parking area Chocolate Ville. Wah... saya fikir kalau di tempat parkir dah cantik macam ni, tentu di dalam lagi cantik.

But no, the Chocolate Ville has nothing to do with chocolate. Except may be they have chocolate desserts in their menu. 
Hanya di sini je kita boleh tengok a bear holding durian.. hehe. Also ada Russian wooden doll, Santa bear & baby bear and a snowman. Cute, right. Make you wanna run there and take selfies with them.. hehe.   

Ada gerai jual Thaimilk Tea dan durian.

Durian Siam.

Sebenarnya Chocolate Ville adalah sebuah taman makan, a European themed dining park. Ia dibuka dari pukul 4 petang hingga pukul 12 tengah malam. Dan masuk adalah percuma. 
Ini entrance masuk ke Chocolate Ville. Cantik pokok tu dihias dengan Christmas tree ornaments. We were there during 2nd week of December, so it was near Christmas.

Kan Thailand orang kata food haven, jadi dibuatnya satu 'makan-makan experience' for its visitors which combines sumptuous arrays of dishes and wonderful indoor and outdoor ambience. Unfortunately, tak ada makanan halal di jual di sini. Ok lah, jom masuk. 

Let me say la dari awal, tempat ni memang cantik. Indeed, it is man made but they were made really well. Bukannya dibuat sekadar ada, tapi lengkap dengan wonderful details. Let me put it this way la, there were times when I feel I was not in Bangkok 😊.
A beautiful European style ornamented gazebo perched by a serene canal. It is called the Riverfront Gazebo. Oh.. is that a dolphin? Cute!

And the canal, I feel was just the right size. Not overwhelmingly huge and underwhelmingly small-scale. The small sail boat completed this beautiful scene.

And did the planners of this place purposely aligned the canal against the sunset so that the soft glow of the sun ray glistened on the canal's water surface? Brilliant!
Jeti kayu di sebelah kiri tu dipanggil Poultry Pier.

Haa.. tu baru di entrance. Very promising start indeed. Jom jalan lagi ke dalam. Biasanya kalau kami ke tempat begini, like a park, kami akan cari dulu peta park so that we can plan, especially since we do have a time limit. So we were hoping there'll be a map on an info board further in. 

Admittedly, used to be dulu I'm not really a fan of places macam ni sebab they are man made. Tapi yang di Thailand ni mereka buat begitu bersungguh-sungguh to create or rather re-create the structures, monuments, buildings, bridges, streets etc. They're so good sampai I can feel the right vibe! 
The Canal Cafe.

Hmm.. a vintage car at The Southern Railway Station. Let's go check it out. 

I think it's a 1955 Buick Roadmaster. Classic!

So cute! Got papa bear, mama bear and kiddie bears. 
The bears are from Teddy House. At Teddy House you can custom-made your own teddy bear. 

Welcome to Chocolate Ville.

I guess we came here at the right time. Travel agent kami dah susun itinerary supaya kami sampai di sini just before sunset dan kejap lagi bila dah malam, lampu-lampu di tempat ini akan dinyalakan and it'd be wonderful. Nice lah!

Even pokok besar dengan pokok-pokok tumpang berjurai macam ni pun saya suka.. hehe. 

Dari seberang sini canal ini ada nice view of the Newport Wharf (indoor dining) dan Newport Harbour (outdoor dining). 

Newport Harbour. Open dining platform by the canal. 

Itik serati aka itik nila atau itik Muscovy pun ada.

Bangunan Village Market & Deli
Haa.. ada pun map info board. 

Oh ok, tak terlalu besar area Chocolate Ville ni. Boleh la jalan-jalan santai je.. hehe. Just walk je one round and then patah balik.

Ok, so I enhanced the map so it'll a bit more clearer. 

🔷 Ok, so tadi jalan masuk () Chocolate Ville dari bangunan Home Town ㊲, passed by Riverfront Gazebo ㉟ with view of canal and Poultry Pier ㊱ on the left. 
🔷 The terus jalan lagi dengan view Canal Cafe ㉜ on the left. 
🔷 Then came upon The Southern Railway Station ㉞ with its 1955 Buick and a bear family.  
🔷 Jalan lagi and on the left ada Newport Wharf ㉘ dan Newport Harbour ㉝. 
🔷 And on the right was Village Market & Deli ㉓. 

Dan pastinya kalau di tempat tourists attraction begini ada LOVE sculpture ni.

The Lighthouse ㉕. Kami malas nak panjat.. hehe.. moreover ramai orang masa tu.

Village Market & Deli ㉓. Hmm.. come to think of it, we never really did go into any the buildings dalam park ni. Masa kami di sini pun limited. 

Ok la, tak ramai sangat orang. Selesa la nak jalan-jalan dan ambil gambar.

This is the Lagoon Bridge, number ㉔ in the map.

Bergambar ketika sunset di Chocolate Ville 😊.

I'm sure by night time this bridge will be lit up beautifully.

Memang sesuai bawa family ke sini. Sebelum dinner time, boleh jalan-jalan dulu sambil bergambar. This is Main Street Avenue.

Lagoon Bridge.

Ada outdoor seating for makan-makan di tepi canal.

The Lighthouse and at the back is the Newport Wharf

View from Lagoon Bridge. That's the Enchanted Bridge, number ㉖ in map.

Ini pemandangan dari Lagoon Bridge juga, tapi the opposite side. On the right side of the canal is the Main Street Avenue. On the street ada bangunan Chocolate Ville Tower (brown building), number ⑳ in map and next to it is Bakery, number ㉑. The left is the Conservatory Garden ⑰. Di hujung canal tu ialah the White House, number ⑱ in map.

The beautiful Conservatory Garden

Ini jalan ke Old Town Square. Banyak seating for dining by the canal. Cuaca agak panas so ada disediakan kipas.

Me at Lagoon Bridge. Belakang tu bangunan Florist, number ㉓ dalam peta.

Snowman and red flamingos frolicking at the Conservatory Garden.

The Summerset Meadow. Itu bangunan Summerset Cottage, number ⑭ in the map.

The Conservatory Garden. Ada polar bear pulling a sledge. 

  A small 'Just Married' bridge over koi pond. 

The Bell House, number ⑮ in map.

A beautiful dome shaped pergola. 


Cute chubby penguins with matching scarves. Kesian uncle tu, mesti bini dia suruh pose atas tractor tu.. hehe. 

Yes, Christmas was just around the corner masa tu.

Stop kejap, nak ke toilet.

Depan toilet.

Toilet pun cantik.. hehe.

Skiing snowman at the Bell House. Cute!

Jom sambung jalan.

Summerset Cottage.

More cute colorful penguins.

The Newport Wharf

By the canal.

Teddy bear entertaining the kids.

The Lighthouse.

Jalan-jalan kami so far.

The Enchanted Bridge

View from Enchanted Bridge

The Canal Bridge. The brown/white building is the Village Post Office, number ⑪ in map.

The Farmville Dairy Barn, number ⑨ in map.

Bergambar tepi canal dengan itik 😊.

Di depan Newport Wharf.

The Old Town Bridge ㉗ and Old Town Wine Cellar ⑥. 

Newport Wharf.

Ada tempat dining atas Old Town Bridge ni. Nice!

That's the Rosewood Inn ⑤. 

The Lighthouse seen from Newport Wharf.

Inside Newport Wharf.

The Rosewood Inn.

The Old Town Bridge and Old Town Wine Cellar 

The Canal Bridge ㉙. 

The Oak Tree ㉚ restaurant.

View from the Canal Bridge.

The Newport Wharf, Old Town Bridge, Old Town Wine Cellar and Rosewood Inn

The Waterfront Glasshouse ④ (right) and River Boathouse ③ (left).

River Boathouse

Beautiful landscape.

Waterfront Glasshouse

View from front of Waterfront Glasshouse: The Oak Tree restaurant (left) and Chocolate Ville Information

Jom tengok apa ada di dalam.

Waa... very nice! And fragrant.

Senja dah masa ni, so lampu-lampu dipasang. Excellent!

From there kami patah balik dan kept on snapping photos sebab masa ni the lights were on and this beautiful place just transformed.

Yep, that's a real black swan 😊.

Jalan-jalan berakhir di hujung sini. Lepas tu patah balik.

The Canal Cafe ㉜. 

Aaa.. so nice.

Kebetulan ada bulan penuh. Let's zoom-in.


Makin ramai orang nak makan malam. Dah time pun. Chocolate Ville memang hotspot, nak makan sini kena buat reservation dulu. 

Lampu di pokok-pokok semua dah dinyalakan. Beautiful.

Kalau nak datang sini memang elok stay sampai malam so that you can see this place both masa siang dan malam.  

Sempat bergambar dengan teddy bear ni sebelum keluar.

Chocolate Ville, 23, 1-16 Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Ram Inthra, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand.

Yearly events at Chocolate Ville.

Environmental cleaning and decontamination at Chocolate Ville due to COVID-19.

Berkumpul di tempat parking depan entrance. And saw this. Ooo.. so nice. Never thought we'd get to see (and take photo of) sunset dengan windmill.. hehe. 

Home Town ㊲ (right) and Chocolate Ville Information ②.

Home Town - Central Store and gas Station. 

Wife bergambar bersama Cik Aisyah, our tour guide.

Such brilliant colors!


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