Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid. Just some normal stuff that took place for the last few weeks or so. 

I try to cover/capture as varied a subject as possible. Using my mobile phone, point-and-shoot camera and my dslr. Trying to make the ordinary just a little bit more interesting. And try to react quickly to whatever happening at that moment by capturing images, though simple shots they may be. And all these just make it that much more interesting for me.

Like going for a hair cut. Tengah ader customers lain so took the opportunity to take a few snaps. Nope, they all semua tak sedar I took these shots. And I am using my mobile phone :)

Tali beg kerja is way too long so I had it shortened. Tak tau mana nak hantar so I asked brother ni if he can. 'Bolehhhh...' he said. Cool. Nope, he was unaware when I took these shots with my mobile phone :). But would he mind if he knew?

Aduhhh.... ramai pulak! Paling cepat pun sure kena tunggu giliran for at least an hour! Urgghhh.... Tab pulak lupa nak charge!!! Kasi naik tekanan darah betul lah!! Hehehe...

Tengah drive nampak ladang kelapa sawit pagi tu ada banyak ray of lights. Like, wow! So kena la berenti tepi jalan and took several shots. Passersby were honking and either smiling or giving me the thumbs up... hehe. So nice of them lah. 

My newly discovered favourite perfume of the moment :). Dah di pasaran lama dah tapi bila test macam best pulak baunya.  

Pancit la pulak. Macam yang disyaki, ada skrew kat tayar. Patut la cepat kempis. 

Like really, ada ke orang nak beli kasut macam ni? Macam kasut fairy tale ke hape ni? Size dewasa ni, bukan kasut budak-budak.

I know I should not but I did. After eating like a couple, I abstained for 4 hours till my next food consumption.... hehe.

Sekali sekala suka ke restoran Tarbush ni. Kalau dine dengan wife, kami mesti order satu je order nasi beriani and ask for satu pinggan kosong. Banyakkkk nasinya! Kalau sorang nak habiskan, kembang kempis hidung!

Typical shot, I know.. hehehe...

This one was shot by my friend. Actually we were having an outdoor photoshoot dan masa I tengah shoot sorang, yang sorang lagi yg tengah tunggu giliran I gave him my p&s camera to capture the behind-the-scene. Kononnya la... hehe. He took to the task rather enthusiastically and the results were pretty good actually :)

No photograph may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without written permission from Syed Amran. All rights reserved.


  1. gambar kat ladang sawit tuh sungguh ohsem!!!

    1. Kebetulan masa passed by tu waktu pagi yg semalamnya hujan lebat :).

  2. tapak kasut berjenama Playboy!
    cantik ray of light tu!
    makan 2..guilty 4 hours
    kalau makan 10..!? 20 hours!? hehehhehee

    1. Byk demand kot for that jenama :)

      Agreed. Tak sangka pulak dpt shoot RoL kat ladang kelapa sawit :)

      Hehe... kalau sampai 10 ketul, itu sgt ditegah cause the sudden surge of sugar will have adverse effect on my body :)
      Although, mathematically, you are so right! Hehehehee...