Sunday, July 15, 2012


Seperti selalu, it is always the people that interests me in terms of photography. I mean, buildings, landscapes, the modern technology, etc all those fascinates me of course. But to me what makes the city is the people.

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  1. terbaek bro....seperti ada cerita yg indah di setiap gambar tu semua. menarik betul

    kerja2 abseiling tu mmg menjadi idaman kalbu ku. bilalah dapat join kerja2 rope access tu? belum ada rezeki kot

  2. Hi TP. Thanks bro. You just made my day lah bro with your comments. It has always been my goals to tell stories with my imageries. These photos were carefully selected from the hundreds that I shot and were combined in such manners to try to bring out stories and capture the essence of the place, of the people there. Stories of the teens, the old, the adults, the workers and the immigrants.

    Abseiling? Like, seriously? Wow... Good for you bro. Hope one day it'll come true go you.
    I have fear of heights, so it's a definite 'no' for me.. hehe.

  3. street photography

    ai laike laike laike bro!!

  4. Thanks tasekM :)
    Actually kena berhati2 gak cause most people tak suke kita ambik gambar mereka.

    Thanks sayadankamerasaya :).
    Yg best bila buat street photography ni ialah kita tak tau the outcome. Anything can happen. Any subjects could cross your path.
    Tu yg saya suka tu.. hehe :)

  5. kita suka gambar last....terbaikkkkk.....

  6. Hi ff
    Thanks. Me too. For me it was an interesting finding :)