Monday, March 6, 2023


Kami nak ke Cosmic Cafe for lunch tapi sebelum tu singgah kejap tengok apa ada di Robot Rivet Town. 

Lokasi Robot Rivet Town.

Info on Robot Rivet Town.

Robot Rivet Town.

Jom masuk kejap.

The wonderful Rivet Town.

Bigweld's Zeppelins, one of the rides at Robot Rivet Town.

About Bigweld's Zeppelins. 

The robots in the movie 'Robots' ~ Rodney Copperbottom (blue), Fender Pinwheeler (red) and Piper Pinwheeler (yellow).

Bergambar with the Robots 😄. 

Me, Rodney, Fender and Piper 😃.

About River Town Roller.

Actually, masa saya tengah ambil gambar ini, sudah ada pengunjung yang sudah siap-siap duduk dalam capsules tapi mereka terpaksa diarah to exit the ride sebab ada masalah teknikal. Kesian mereka. Well, mestilah safety above all kan.

Ada kiosk snek tapi tutup.

Next kami lalu di Liberty lane untuk ke Cosmic Cafe.

Lokasi Liberty Lane.

About Liberty Lane.

Nice spots untuk berfoto.

Awana SkyWay gondolas.

Another snack kiosk ~ Golden Gate Garage, selling mega-long sausage with heaps of toppings.

Entering Central Park World.

Chips and Dips ~ selling crispy, thick, double-fried chips. 

A vibrantly colorful lane in Central Park.

Interesting 1950's billboard.

Lots of games kiosks.

Super cute and colorful soft toys to win.

Roadside tattoo parlour. 

Jagua temporary tattoo is a bluish-black temporary tattoo ink made from an Amazonian fruit juice, it's safe, non-toxic and 100% natural, which can last 2-4 weeks. 

Face paintings pun ada.

Henna Body Art juga ada.

ATM and Charging Station.

Fancy some yummy fried donuts? 😃

Orbits Fried Donuts' menu. 

Kedai kopi dan snek ~ Pick up coffees and light snacks as you carry on exploring Genting SkyWorlds. 

The Big Picture ~ Check out your Photo+ images and see what unique photo capture opportunities are available at Genting SkyWorlds.  

Galaxy Store ~ Browse an array of Genting SkyWorlds merchandise for all ages and tastes. 

Kami pun sampai ke Cosmic Cafe ~ Enjoy local and Middle Eastern delights at Genting SkyWorlds' Halal Restaurant. 

Lokasi Cosmic Cafe.

Jom. Lapar dah 😅.

Cosmic Cafe's menu. Nice selections.

Interior cafe ini hebat! Futuristic!

Ada pods! Love it 😃.

Jom beli lunch.

Amazing ceiling design.

Our lunch.

Our lunch pod.

Isteri pilih Nasi Mandy dan saya pilih Asam Laksa.

Verdict? Two thumbs UP! 😋 

Next, Central Park World. Meanwhile do take care.  

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