Thursday, March 9, 2023


By around 4:30 pm kami actually sudah pun siap buat satu pusingan theme park ini. Now we're back at Rio World.

Jalan-jalan sekejap di Rio World lepas menonton performance 'The Sound of Rio' sebentar tadi.

Menu restoran Vila Festa. Jom kita tengok dalam restoran ini.

Nice! There's a huge yellow leopard. 

What a beautiful mural of Brazil rainforest's endangered animals ~ jaguar, hyacinth macaw, poison dart frogs, sloth, toucan and pangolin.

And there is another equally fabulous mural ~ the music of Brazil. 

Super cute leopard 😃.

Since masih ada masa lagi before closing time which is at 6:00 pm, kami pun decided untuk naik satu lagi ride and watch a kid's show.

The ride ~ Epic Voyage to Moonhaven.

About Epic Voyage to Moonhaven.

Entrance for the Epic Voyage to Moonhaven ride adalah di bangunan ini.

Waiting time cuma 5 minit sahaja. 

These are Mub and Grub, the slugs, characters in the movie 'Epic'.

Jom masuk.

Tak ada queue pun 😃. Maklum je la, ride ini the 'Thrill Level' cuma 'Medium' sahaja 😄.

Beratur menunggu bot.

Moh le kita naik bot. Oh, fyi, masa boat ride ini, photography and video are not allowed.

Basically this boat ride takes you through dark tunnels in a world or reality on a larger scale with awesome animatronics and special effects.

Then a short boat ride outside the cave. 

All in all it was quite a fun ride, be it for the kids or the adults. 

Ke toilet sekejap.

I like these restroom's signages 😄.

Beautiful plants and flowers at this theme park.

Next kami ke Ice Age world sekali lagi untuk habiskan masa sehingga pukul 6 petang dengan menonton a kid's show.

Manny saves Diego.

Ellie greets you at the entrance of Mammoth Fun Zone.

Those super adorable characters from the 'Ice Age' movie.

Cavern Treasures ~ For all things Ice Age, including fan-favourite plush, fashion apparel, and unique momentos. 

All the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park's crew we met are very friendly, helpful and professional with same standard and excellence as the crews of other theme parks that we had previously visited such as Universal Studio Japan, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and Hong Kong Disneyland. Memang macam international standard lah. Syabas!

Ok, inilah show yang kami nak tengok ~ Sid's Playhouse Ice Age: Time Warp.
In minor Scrat-tastrophe, where Ice Age characters are transported to Genting SkyWorlds. 

Let's take our seats.

Special seating for the kids right in front of the stage 😃.

Acorn seats! How cute! 😄

Dah start. 

Here comes the characters 😃.

Dancing and singing to fun, energetic and lively music 😃. 

Ada salji turun 😃.

Till the next coming entry, inshaAllah. Meanwhile do take care.  

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