Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Jom kita explore Central Park World pula. 

I particularly like this lane for its super tall and brightly colored buildings. I just think they are so awesome.

Ini lokasi Central Park World dalam taman tema ini.

Macam-macam ada di Central Park ini.

I think this is just a facade. Still it look authentic 😃.

Fancy a big bright yellow banana? Try lah this game 😃.

On the left is the Lake of Dreams. Ada fountain show di sini.

Di deretan bangunan ini ada beberapa eateries ~ Italian, Steakhouse, Avenue Lounge (high tea), termasuk sebuah Lakeside Market. 

Lake of Dream waterfall.

Bergambar di Central Park.

Theme Park crew.

Tak tahu kami bila waktu fountain show di kolam ini. 

Central Park and Awana SkyWay gondolas.

Lakeside Market.

Impressive buildings.

There are two big waterfalls at this 'lake'.

That's SkyAvenue Station. Naik gondola turun di stesen itu untuk ke theme park ini.

Bergambar di Lake of Dreams.

The Fountain Show at Lake of Dreams.

Show malam pun ada juga.

Ok, sambung lagi jalan-jalan di Central Park ini.

Bergambar sekejap di pintu stail Art Deco yang menarik.

Ini restoran Trattoria Il Lago ~ Full-service restaurant offering a tasty selection of authentic Italian cuisines.

Since the interior design dalam Cosmic Café where we had lunch tadi was wonderful and futuristic, saya pun jadi curious nak tahu macam mana pula design dalaman restoran Trattoria Il Lago ini. Jom kita masuk sekejap.

Hmmm... I do not know exactly what to expect but I was not as impressed as I felt when I entered Cosmic café. 

Macam restoran biasa sahaja. 

Salah satu attractions di Central Park World ini ialah Night at the Museum. Unfortunately, hari itu ia belum lagi dibuka.

Jadi kami bergambar je lah... hihi 😄.

Kios makanan ~ Fish and Chips.

Ada disediakan tempat makan.

Ok, sambung jalan lagi.

Theme Park Directory.

ESD Global Defender, salah satu high-level thrill ride di Central Park World.

About ESD (Earth Space Defence) Global Defender.

Yang ini pun pak cik tak berani nak naik lah... hihi 😅. Jadi tengok sajalah dari tepi pagar ambil gambar 😄.

Tunggang terbalik 😄.

Ha... tu la, datang theme park pakai selipar/no strap footwear... kan dah kena berkaki ayam... hihi 😄.

Next kami ke attraction Independence Day: Defiance. Haa... yang ni saya dan isteri suka 😃. Jom masuk!

About 'Independence Day: Defiance'.

Very futuristic set up.

Queue tidak berapa panjang masa tu. 

Briefing for us, the Earth Space Defence Recruits, to defend earth from aliens invasions.

Look so legit.

The Chief briefing the recruits about the alien and the mission to defend earth. He looks very familiar. Rupanya he is Douglas Lim, Malaysian actor, comedian, television presenter and emcee 😃.

A captured alien. 

The alien suddenly jolted a bit and everyone terkejut and went Ohhh and Ahhh.... hihi 😄.

Awesome lighting!

Ok, let's go defend our earth from aliens invasions 😄.

Everyone had to be strapped on with seatbelts for the bumpy flight ahead. 

So off we went! 😃

Ok, photography and video recording are not allowed, so I cari la di internet imej ride ini. 

Kuala Lumpur ~ the future.

Flew by Masjid Putrajaya (on the right). 

We flew towards Petronas Twin Tower, towards the blue orb. Once inside, we were catapulted into space!

The aliens' lair... (cue eerie and suspenseful music)...

Suddenly we were confronted by an alien spacecraft, with a very mean, hostile and nasty looking alien inside the cockpit. Its death stare sent chill up our spines!

Fortunately, our fellow recruits had our backs, and obliterated the alien ship to smithereens! There were very loud explosions, blinding lights and our seats shook creating what seemed like the real deal. It was so totally awesome 😃.

With the rest of the other fighters, we swarmed the main reactor, the aliens' source of power... so suspen lah masa ni 😃.

Then tembak and the whole thing exploded and earth was saved! Yay! 😄

Verdict? Totally awesome! An amazing motion-simulation ride which was based on the film Independence Day: Resurgence. You'll scream, rasa gayat, kecut perut, panik, cemas... rasa macam naik roller coaster tapi dengan visual yang tersangat fantastic 😃. Rasa nak ride lagi 😄. Teringat masa kami naik similar rides 'Terminator 2: 3D' dan 'Spiderman: The Ride' di Universal Studio Japan dan 'Transformer: The Ride' di Universal Studio Singapore dulu. 

So masa buat plan nak explore theme park ini, better terus ke Central Park dan beratur awal-awal for this Independence Day: Defiance ride. Supaya tak beratur lama dalam queue. Kalau nak santai je, bolehlah beli fast/express pass (I think ada) tapi tentulah mahal sikit harganya. 

Next, Sound of Rio. Meanwhile do take care.  

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