Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Kadang-kadang saya lupa yang di taman-taman juga boleh dapat ambik shots sceneries yang menarik :).

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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Selepas di Jalan Hang Tuah ambik gambar parade, saya ke Jonker Street pula. Tak jauh, jalan kaki lebih kurang 15 minit sahaja. Lama dah teringin nak ke Jonker Sreet tu nak buat something like street photography :). Syukur Alhamdulillah ada peluang ini.

Photo 01
Like, I know this may sound weird, but I just got excited when I saw this abandoned motorcycle... hehe. It was parked in front of a workshop that had just opened for business and so there wasn't anyone around, which made it rather 'comforting' for me to snap a couple of shots, which took just a couple of seconds anyway.

Photo 02
There was no signage so I wondered where this set of stairs leads to. 

Photo 03
While I'll never know the thrill of riding a high-powered bikes [I'd rather comfortably drive a car], I do understand the 'obsession' :).

Photo 04
Places like this just begs many questions. Well, at least to me. Like, what was it? A shop? What sort of shop? Why it is closed now? Even then, why is it not well kept? Had the owner passed away?
Love seeing that old wooden table. So retro. I saw one years ago, in perfect condition at my late grandparents' home. I missed them very much, my grandparents.

Photo 05
The first thought that came to my mind was, 'I hope the uncle have a good day. That many people will buy his stuff'.

I did the trishaw ride but much preferred to explore the street on foot since that'll allow me to get real close to my unsuspecting photography subjects....hehe. And of course I exercised much care and caution in order not to be noticed taking photos especially the people shots :).

Photo 06
Of course it was the red terompah [wooden sandal/clog] that had drawn me :). I wondered if people still use them though. Perhaps tourists buy them as souvenirs.

Photo 07
For some reason this is one of my favourite photo. A simple shot of woman mopping, doing her daily morning chores.

Photo 09
Aparts from souvenirs, there are lots of traditional kuih/desserts and other sweet snacks being sold by the roads side. The pineapple tarts are simply awesome! :).

Photo 08
This is quite a common sight there. In fact, there were quite a few constructions going on along the streets. Mostly upgrades/renovations works I think which is a good thing cause it'd be such a waste if the old buildings are left to ruins. I am pleased too to see that most of the shops, restaurants and other buildings that were renovated, still have their old features intact.

Photo 10
I am not sure if she noticed that I took this shot. She did seem like she was kind of shying away, right? Hehehe... sorry auntie :).

Photo 11
I was quite scared to attempt this shot actually. I mean, he did not look, well, friendly. I'm sure he is a nice person, still he might not like his photos take. I was extremely relieved that he did not seem annoyed or anything like that after I took the shot :).

Photo 12
There aren't many of them, stalls that sells gula ketuk [ting ting candy] which is made from honey and maltose. This is one of the two stalls that I encountered. Ting ting candy is super hard and had to be chipped away using metal chisel and hammer hence the 'ting ting' sound :). No, I did not try it. Trying to refrain from the sweet stuff.. hehe.

Photo 13
I think this is called bak chang made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. Quite popular I think cause it can be found at many stalls.

Photo 14
When I took a ride in one of these elaborately decorated trishaws, I politely requested for the music/songs [that are usually played at maximum volume!!!] not to be played. I mean the decos are already quite 'loud'...hehe. I only wanted a quiet ride while I observed the daily happenings and take photos peacefully. 

Photo 15
As one can see, it is pretty laid back there. I love the slow pace. Of course there were moments that reminded me of KL but as soon as I turned a corner, I encountered scenes like this. It delighted me to be able to capture a shot of a man with cigarette in his hand [a morning fix perhaps after a hearty breakfast...hehe] standing casually in front of his gallery spurting water on to the cement floor. 

Photo 16
When I passed by this restaurant, I almost automatically went in. That was how inviting it felt for me...hehe. Plus I was under the blistering hot sun braving my ways through the Jonker Street. So the shady and cool place was beckoning me seductively...hehe. In fact, I think I can see myself hanging out there with a few friends and finally understand the meaning of 'dolce far niente :).

Photo 17
Wherever whenever, one must get one's daily dose of riveting news and happenings to start the day.

Photo 18
Like no cares in the world. And no driver would dare honk him as he cycled calmly enjoying his morning, while every now and then saying 'hi' and waving at the other elder inhabitants at the historic road.

Photo 19
While I seldom admits it [perhaps from being over critical of my own photos], I just felt this one is such a satisfying shot. Just a simple shot of a lady waiting for someone I reckon in front of a still closed shop.

Photo 20
Another person who fell prey to my so-called candid photography.. hehe.

Photo 21
A tailor shop. So quaint. A piece of history I'd say. Wish I could have gone in and take a few shots. Quite unlikely though cause I think the owner would not be too happy with it... :).

Photo 22
I was told that this cendol shop is quite famous. Durian cendol? Now that is one particular dessert all tourists should try...hehe.

Photo 23
I just love this shot. It kind of reminded me of an old movie set :).

Photo 24
I saw it coming. I composed. I waited till it entered my framing. I took the shot. And here is the photo :).

Photo 25
Lots of washing to do I reckon :).

Photo 26
Just a simple shot of a man waiting. Perhaps for someone or for a delivery truck. Or perhaps he was just out for a walk.

Photo 27
The place looked like it was going under some renovations. I guess these two gentlemen are discussing about it. It seemed they have a lot work ahead of them.

Photo 28
A man waiting for customers. He sells dried noodles, clogs, chewing gums, cigarettes, instant drinks etc.

Photo 29
Coconuts, one of the essential ingredients in Malaysian desserts and cuisines.

Photo 30
They're probably on their way to a nearby market. I love this shot actually :).

Photo 31
This coconut processing shop has so many 'characters' I don't even know where to start. They just describe so much to me. So imagine la my excitement. Me weird, huh? Jadi excited dengan benda macam ni...hehe. Yeah, I know I'm weird like that...hehe.

Photo 32
This very same man was at this very same spot when I visited the temple a couple of years ago.

Photo 33
Close to noon, it was afterall was getting very hot. 

Photo 34
This was the closest I've ever been to this other white meat. Though saya hampir nak muntah from the smell of it, demi nak ambik gambar gak, sanggup... hehe.

Photo 35
Ok, you will NOT believe what happened when I took this photo.
The uncle FARTED!!! He freakin' farted as I was clicking my camera! Selamba je!! Saya pulak yang terkejut! Lepas tu as I walked away I just laugh out loud. Padan muka aku!! Hahahaha...
It was so unexpected, it was quite funny actually :)
He did seem very relieved after he had passed gas though :).

Photo 36
Nyonya berpayung pegi pasar lalu depan old temple. Agaknya tengah fikir nak masak apa hari tu.
Entah kenapa saya suka sangat capture moments cam ni :).

Photo 37
Adik ni tengah bakar prayer papers. A very typical sight there that day. Must be very auspicious day for the chinese. 

Photo 38
Uncle ni sporting sungguh. He knows I wanted to take his photo. Dia tak look at the camera but tunduk and smiled :).

Photo 39
Habis dinding-dinding kedai tepi sungai ni dilukis dengan pelbagai images reflecting the culture and people there. I found it quite fascinating.

Photo 40
Claustrophobic betul rasanya masa ambik gambar alley ni.

Photo 41
A cup of coffee before starting the day.

Photo 42
To me back alley macam ni yang lebih interesting for photography. Yang penting nak dinyatakan di sini adalah kebersihan lorong di Jonker street. I'm pretty impressed, I must say.

Photo 43
Haaa... kalau nak cari acuan buat kuih bahulu, come here lah :).

Photo 44
Hi back at you, you lovely tourists :).

Photo 45
So quaint, right? :).

Photo 46
Artsy shot, kononnya la :).

Photo 47
Itu bendera kasi spoil ini shot lah...hehe.

Photo 48
I also naik cruise ni. Good thing the sungai tak bau busuk :)
It was quite a lovely boat ride actually. 

Photo 49

Photo 50
One of my favourite shot, for its simplicity. 

Photo 51
Nampak macam tegas auntie ni! Kalau la dia nampak saya ambik gambar dia, ada kemungkinan saya kena marah agaknya... hehe. Or may be not :).

Photo 52
Simple je set up restoran ni. Sometimes tak perlu hebat appearance. Yang penting apa yang di serve sedap :).

Photo 53
At least tak halang pejalan kaki :).

Photo 54
Shopping apa tu uncle? :).

Photo 55

Photo 56
Beautiful frocks for beautiful ladies. Teringin nak photoshoot a lovely lady in kebaya nyonya :).

Photo 57
Hmm... satay apa tu ya?

Photo 58
One of my favourite shot :).

Photo 59
I wish I could just hang out in this store and take shots of every single thing in it :).

Photo 60
Another one of those quaint little store :).

Photo 61
Beancurd sheet? Hmm... wonder what's it for?

Photo 62
Hot morning, near noon. I guess one of the ways to cool thing off is by spraying the pavement in front of your store :).

Photo 63
Store no 21.

Photo 64
I could just kept on staring at this one for a while. Love it :).

Photo 65
Sambil tunggu order, sambil sembang.

Photo 66
Banyak kedai-kedai pengusaha kuih-kuih traditional ni. Nak try rasa tapi sangsi kehalalannya :).

Photo 67
Like she posed for me, right? Hehehe....
Btw, I wished I had a Doreamon hand fan also lah. So hot that day.

Photo 68
Sedap gamaknya. Otherwise tentu dia tak buat banyak selonggok macam tu. I wonder apa intinya.

Photo 69
I guess I never would have the patience to do this :).

Photo 70

Alhamdulillah, tercapai cita-cita nak ambik gambar di Jonker Street/Kota Melaka ni. 

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