Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Ok, sambung lagi sikit cerita jalan-jalan saya di Ripley's Adventureland dalam Jurassic Research Center, di Genting Highlands.

Next, masuk ke Fossil Laboratory pula.

There are so many dinosaurs fossils on display. Amazing! 

Ini rangka/tulang Velociraptor. 

Ada papan-papan maklumat yang disediakan untuk bacaan pengunjung tentang fosil yang dipamerkan.

These are sculptures/statues of Velociraptors on display in the first section of this research center.

Gasosaurus fossils. 

About Gasosaurus.

About Stegosaurus.


Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Tyrannosaurus Rex.



Ok, from the Fossil Laboratory we now enter my favourite section of this research center where complete skeletons of the dinosaurs are displayed. Replicas of course. 

Amazing body fossils are on display. And all of them are displayed quite elegantly, I must say. Amazing! 

These are the information on Stegosaurus and Stegosaurus statue/sculpture that are on display at the first section of this center.

I think this long neck dinosaur is a Brachiosaurus.


This is a Huayangosaurus. 


About Styrocosaurus fossil.

These displays are so amazing! The display areas are spacious and the lightings are spot on. I was actually in awe! 😃

Dimetrodon fossil. 

Rasanya bolehlah kata dinosaurs displays di sini macam yang di American Museum of Natural History 😃. These are Triceratop skull (left) and Gasosaurus fossils. 

Gasosaurus fossil.

Triceratop skull.

These are Triceratop sculpture and its information that are on display in the first section of this research center.

From left: T. Rex skull, Yangchuanosaurus skull and toe bone of Plateosaurus. 

Toe bone of Plateosaurus.

Yangchuanosaurus skull.

T. Rex skull.

Gasosaurus fossil.

Machairodus fossil.

Ok next, the fun section! Velociraptors on the loose! 😃 Just like in the Jurassic Park movie lah 😄.

Those raptors teeth! So vicious! 😃

We are now in Discovery Lab - T5.

Looks like the team of scientists had left this lab in a hurry! 

Consoles displaying monitoring done on the dinosaurs. 

Watch out! There's one up ahead!

Another pair of juvenile raptors destroying the lab! 

Sketches on the wall.

Terkejut! Roaring and animatronically moving raptors!

Aiyaa! Another one! 

With scarry lighting! Nice! 😃

Oh Wow! Two enthusiastic Thumbs Up! Saya bagi Jurassic Research Center ini 5
Kalau ke First World Plaza, haruslah ke Ripley's Adventureland dan lawat Jurassic Research Center ini! 

Next akan cerita pasal Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium pula. 

Till the next coming entry, inshaAllah. Meanwhile do take care. 

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