Sunday, July 1, 2012


What a wonderful late afternoon it was. Being there with beautiful landscapes complete with horses frolicking on the field. I could not have asked for more :).


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  1. once more..look's like kat oversea..hehehehehehe
    nice picture encik syed!!!!!
    owh, regards to your question on melbourne trip
    lens yg sy guna is optic plus 0.45X 55MM pro hi-definition digital wide angle lens germany then add another lens optic plus Digital MC UV 67mm baca exactly yg tertulis kat lens tu

  2. Hi ff :)
    Hehehe... thanks. Kan. Macam kat abroad, right? :)
    Actually, these were shot at Batu Gajah, Perak. Kampung my wife. Saje balik hari tu tengok father-in-law. Petang tu ader masa I pun keluar kejap for some quick photography. Good thing petang2 ader kuda2 tu sebab masa I passed by that place belah pagi, tak der kuda2 tu.

    For shot pagar tu I used 50mm lens nak kasi effect blur2. Actually belah kanan foto tu dah jalanraya dah. I compose le elok kasi tak masuk jalanraya yg sibuk tu. Jadi nampak cam very calm place.. hehe :)

    Waa.... sis, confuse I baca yg technical aspects. Terkedu I. That's like double lens, right? Anyway, the effect is simply awesome!! Thanks for sharing sis :)

  3. triple actually..original lens topup dgn hi-defi last sekali digital MC...:)

  4. minat pic no 2 tu bro....menariklah.

    eh kat batu gajah ada kuda???? kenapa tak perasan pun tmpt ni.

  5. ff - tu dia... triple actions. Marvellous !! If we meet one day, you simply must show me lah! :)

    TP - That's my fav too :). I was all grins bila check balik that shot.. hehe
    Yes, ade bro. Dulu ader lembu2 sekali dan byk burung bangau [I think so la tu burung2 bangau]. If I venture area Padang Terap got kerbau2 berkubang dgn burung2 bangau bertenggik atas kerbau2 tu :).