Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yes, even circuits boards pun saya jadikan subject fotografi...hihi...
Fun stuff bila buat DIY Mini Studio Photography :)

I had always seen the circuits board as minute, microscopic cities, ultra sofisticated and extremely advanced. Such was the fantasy when I was a kid :).

I love imagining that there are nanites inhabiting these cities, called Nanitepolitan, self-replicating sentient nanites originated from an experiment gone awry. And these nanobots, as they are also known, not only replicates, but also respond to their environment, communicating and performing complex computing functions and work synergistically towards a common goal, that eventually ensures their survival.

Some may worry that in ensuring their own survival the nanobots are not at the same time secretly working to annihilate mankind. Not less we, the mankind, deny their rights to be established and seen as a sentient being. I'd like to think that these nanites of mine are peaceful 'creatures' that if good relations are fostered, could benefit us the humankind quite handsomely ~ from medical [macro surgery] to macro space technology.. :) or something like that lah.. hehe.. :)

So I added in 'city lights' :)

Then I added in a spacecraft...hihi... So there, a thriving Nanitepolitan City :)

DIY Mini Studio Photography

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  1. heheheheeee....
    you aahh!!
    very good imagination , you know!!!!

    but indeed..
    memang macam sky scrapers ..
    with the street lights
    and roads!!

    lama dah saya tak shoot kat mini studio saya ..
    barang dah berterabur!

    1. Hihi.. thanks doc.
      It's nice from time to time I feed my childlike imaginations lah...hihi...
      Overall, a fun little project that I indulge myself in sekali sekala, combining macro photography dan amateurish editings..hihi...
      You have no idea how many failed little projects I ader...haha... tak menjadi cause end results teruk! Haha...

      Tak per bila doc ader kelapangan, leh le kemas dan bergiat semula kat mini studio ya :)