Monday, December 26, 2022


Lepas spent time di Old Town Kotor, kami naik semula bas dan dibawa ke Budva untuk melawat satu lagi kota lama. Tapi sebelum itu kami dibawa singgah dulu di Tracia Leather Center, Prijevor, Montenegro. 

Sampai di Tracia Leather Center, Prijevor, Montenegro.

Jom kita masuk tengok apa ada di dalam.

Rupanya ada dibuat fashion show untuk pengunjung. Sambil itu dihidang jus buah-buahan yang sedap ini.

Welcoming words by the CEO. Among the info he shared was that his factory supplies leather materials to several major fashion houses such as Chanel. 

Fashion show dimulakan.

The fashion show mainly showcased women's leather jackets. 

You can checked the numbers of the jackets on this sheet for those jackets that you may be interested in. Perhaps you'd like to have a closer look and feel the leather materials. And perhaps try a few on, dan kalau suka bolehlah beli. 

The long leather jackets are quite beautiful and luxurious and the short fitting ones are more sporty. Itu yang I observe lah. What do I know about fashion anyway... hihihi 😄. 

They have the fur ones also.


Lepas fashion show kami dibawa ke showroom dan bahagian jualan. A bit more briefing by the CEO promising us major discounts for any items bought. He also informed us that these leather are all locally sourced and the processing are under strict quality control. Proper ways how to take care of leather products was also informed. 

I must say all the leather items here are of high quality and quite lush and deluxe.

I did try on one of these men's leather jacket and it felt really nice and quite opulent actually. The leather is soft and the fitting was perfect. 

Till the next coming entry, inshaAllah. Meanwhile do take care. 

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