Monday, June 1, 2015


Once in a while, I get to do some macro photography at Taman Rimba Ampang [Ampang Recreational Park]. The park was once teeming with many types of insects but for some reasons had dwindled in variety since a couple of years ago. Needless to say I was saddened by this development. I love that park. 

Still, I never stop frequenting the park. I do exercise there or just simply enjoy morning walks. And one morning after a night of rain the night before, I get to shoot a couple of spiders. And here are photos :).

Here's a couple of RoL shots :).

At first I did not know that there was a spider/spider web at the bushes. Then I saw this bright red 'something' dangling in the bright morning sun. As I looked closer I realize it was a dragonfly! All wrapped up in spider web! The poor thing must have not seen the web, flew through it and got caught! Kesian!

And this is the owner of the spider web and apparently the one responsible for webbing up the unfortunate dragonfly.

I just love the super tiny water droplets on the web! :)

If it wasn't for the red dragonfly, I would not have found this spider let alone took photos of it! 

Then I realized at the same bush area, there are a couple more spider webs. So I thought I gave them a visit and took a few shots of the parlors' owners.. hehe.

Oh my.. those droplets were like tiny round crystals, reflecting the green surroundings looking so brilliant under the gorgeous morning light! 

It seemed that the owner was very busy removing the droplets, especially the big ones.  

This particular spider is very small, just a few cm in size. So shooting it was super hard. In addition to its minute size, the wind was blowing too, swaying the web back and forth making it extremely frustrating to focus especially when shooting in macro mode. Still, the challenge was quite exhilarating :).

I had to take a few shots of the droplets filled web :).

One of those super hard shot to take as my camera automatically focussed on the web instead of the spider which was behind the web. I had to then switched to manual!

The web looked 'heavy' with the droplets sticking to it. 

Syukur Alhamdulillah. It has indeed been a long time since I actually get the opportunity to shoot insects. 

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  1. cantek sangat nii...

    sampai kat labah2.. mula la nak merinding merinding bulu roma... tapi labah2 je pon... (mode cuba hilang kan rasa takot..)

    1. Thanks CPL :).
      Kecantikan itu adalah ciptaanNya, sempurna dari segala segi, subhanAllah. Syukur I was there and able to capture these :).
      Hehehe.. merinding2.. hehee... kecik je labah2 tu CPL :).

  2. Cantik..mmg guna lens utk macro ke ne?

    1. Betul tu Cik Zilla. Saya guna 100mm lens.

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  4. cantiknya pic air2 kat spiderweb tu

    1. Jenuh tu El nak dptkan image yg sharp. Tangan dah la ketaq kuat.. hehehe...

  5. why remove the crystals dear spider? oh you dont want a heavily laden home which will collapse to the ground, despite the beauty.
    it wont serve the function of a home, which shelters.
    your beautiful web though fragile, was the safety net, the barrier, engraved in our sacred history.

    ooh the yellow derriere has a web motif.

    too beautiful, the reward for the patient one.


    1. I never quit Arju, looking for insects whenever I'm at the taman rimba though it was pretty obvious not many still exists. It has been 5 years now and I will not give up. I had always hoped and prayed that the insects will come back and stay for good. I still remember what a joy it was being able to observe such beautiful creatures, so colourful with such variety. Le sigh.

      Indeed! I thought I was the only one who noticed! :)

  6. subhanAllah..
    cantiknya gambar-gambar ni En Syed!!!

    baru tau..

    semua foto too beautiful
    the droplets
    the reflection on the droplets
    the spider
    the web

    saya vote entri dengan gambar tercantik dalam blog ini untuk tahun ini..

    1. SubhanAllah...
      Thanks doc. Labah-labah tu dah memang cantik. Kena pulak dengan cahaya pagi yg brilliant.
      Memang saya happy sangat pagi tu. Lama dah tak dapat shoot macro macam ni :)
      Syukur Alhamdulillah.

      Hehehe... ok, saya akan ingat vote doc tu masa compile best photos for 2015 :).