Thursday, November 1, 2012


Of this and that...

Just thought it was a nice number. Total coincidence. Kebetulan tengah traffic jam, terperasan 89898 tu, so snap a couple of shots :)

It was not the first time. Cozing up at the conner, at the fully air conditioned lobby right in front of the lifts, so comfortably resting on the office chair, siap pakai headphones dengar lagu-lagu lagi... wah.. wahhhhh!

So I snapped a photo, took the lift to ground floor and walked straight to the security guard counter. I just showed the head security guard below photo. He looked embarrassed and said he will take immediate action. 

The next day, I did not see the guard. Even the days after that. Perhaps he was fired. I felt a tinge of guilt though I know I did the right thing. 

Just thought it was a interesting picture. Apparently a customer wanted a fresh fish. So a bit of fishing is required :).

Once in a while something took over me and I fanatically did some spring cleaning. Habis furniture and other stuff saya buang. Tilam, kerusi, TV table, bakul laundry, bantal peluk, tikar karpet kayu, bunga hiasan, penyidai baju, travel bag, tilam futon etc. Tu tak termasuk stuff yang masih elok dan telah di donate. 

Ni sample photos taken ketika dalam usaha mengasah skill 'paparazzi'.. hehehe. Shot entirely using handphone berkamera :).

Mula2 sekilas ternampak, ingatkan perempuan. 

No photograph may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without written permission from Syed Amran. All rights reserved.


  1. ' Beger dua bangg..' kata 'Akak' berbaju belang tu...dengan garaunya... hehhehhehee

    Pok Gad tu dah balik Bangladesh !!

    Saya suka Mamat baju pepel tu..! Saya suka mamat tak berrambut!! heh heh hehhh

    1. Hahaha... that'll be a very hilarious caption for the 'Akak' photo lah :D

      I reckon he is. I'm still feeling a bit guilty lah... :(

      Saya pun dah hampir nak botak. Tapi saya tak baju purple lah ;)