Sunday, May 20, 2012


Rarely do I get the opportunity to shoot at a sports event. Ni pun by chance je. Wife and I was on our the way for breakfast and we happened to pass by the taman's padang and saw crowds and bike race banners. Aku pun cepat2 makan, sent my wife home and took my camera and dashed back to the field. Immediately scout the area and asked the event manager the itinerary and route for the race. Jalan satu padang tu sekali dengan jalanraya berdekatan mencari sudut tembakan yang sesuai untuk ambik gambar. Berpeluh jugak la but it's always good to sweat yes? :)

And here are the hasil penembakan saya :).

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  1. fuh terbaek. fixie ada MTB pun ada.

    di mana nie bro

  2. Thanks bro :). Kira boleh la. Although I wished I had more time to prepare to scout around and find the best spots for best angles.
    Anyway, ni near my house at Bukit Indah, Ampang.

  3. owh ampang....ingatkan di Perlis tadi, kerana disana juga ada event begini sabtu lepas

  4. Dulu2 I rajin gak follow up on events that were going on at that time. Now ni malas dah. Yg ni pun case 'terserempak' je.. hehe