Sunday, May 6, 2012


Usually I take photos using my Canon EOS. But at times it is so much easier to use a compact camera. So when I go for trips I'd bring along my Canon IXUS as well. Here some of them in sequence :)

Blog entries Bangkok saya:

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  1. selalu ke thailand ke bro. nice....gambar2 tu walau pakai compact camera

  2. Tak. Tu 1st time pegi. Ni foto2 taken at the same time with my previous Bangkok trip entry. Baru last week terdiscover foto2 ni dlm compact camera ni.. hehe... lupa la.. :)

  3. bangkok best kan! sebab ada teksi warna shocking pink, tomyam ori, mall buka sampai jam 12 dan blablabla! hehe..

  4. TP - Kalau budget cukup, elok kalau I gi negara lain pulak. Tapi dah plan dah nak gi Bangkok lagi sekali but purely for shopping je la.. hehe.

    LW - Best also if you like shopping :). The prize ranges from reasonable to dirt cheap. Actually, for photography pun best gak especially if you go out of the city.
    Ya la, tell me about the pink taxi. I mean, what's up with that? Hehehe...

  5. teringin nak merasa pesta songkran...tapi sudah terlepas. pasal bln 4 kan pesta tu. InsyaAllah thn depan cuba tak nak miss lagi