Tuesday, October 30, 2012


WARNING: The following images and/or content may be disturbing to some viewers. Content in this particular blog entry is not suitable for children. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Strangely enough I did not feel queasy or nauseous. I was expecting to feel that way, even when I was walking towards the place where they performed the slaughtering/skinning/disemboweling. 

I guess the photo opportunity was just too good to pass :)

Then the smell hit me. The red blood. The lifeless lambs. Suddenly sadness enveloped me when I saw one of the lamb still tied to the fence. 

Then the Pak Arabs. Would they mind if I take photos? 

Mixed feelings.... should I proceed? You see, I can't stand to see blood. Hence, the doubts. Thanks to photography, I was reckless, but in a good way.. hehe.

Yang bestnya, Pak Arab2 tu semua actually memang sporting. Tak kisah pun  saya ke sana sini ambik gambar. In fact, one of them actually asked if I can take photos of him and his children. Of course lah I said 'Yes'! :)

I was like a kid in a candy factory. Well, ok, that's just bad anology. Perhaps like a cat at a fish market. Even worst analogy. But you catch my drif, right :). I was super excited!!

Poor lamb waiting for its turn. I noticed it was facing away from the slaughtered lamb that was just a few feet away from him. Perhaps the owner tied it that way so that it won't get  traumatized. I hope I will not be traumatized! 

Freshly slaughtered. The lamb was still kicking and the blood squirting when I shot these. 

This was the guy who asked me to take photos for him. Yea, I've already emailed to him :)

The skinning and disemboweling. I was just too excited I forget to feel queasy.. hehe. 

Fathers and sons, cleaning up their qurban. 

Guess what was the man in white jubah doing?

He made a small cut on the lamb's leg skin just big enough to insert a rubber hose and blow air till the lamb ballooned. It made it easier to skin I guess. Interesting, yes? :)

Yes, orang kita, masa sembelih pantang kasi budak-budak kecik tengok. Depa, hah.. tak kisah pun :).

Pak Arab ni actually tengah blowing, then one of the other Pak Arab made a joke [in arabic so I tak faham] and he laughed. Saya pun cepat-cepat la capture moment tu.. hehe.

Berpeluh-peluh Pak Arab tu meniup sampai kembung biri-biri tu... :).
Looks easy nak tiup tu tapi I am sure kalau saya tiup mau sesak dada...hehe.

Yea, I know, pretty gory huh? Sorry about that. I feel it is important to 'depict' the real thing.

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  1. Ya habibi. Tempat ante ramai pak Arab lah. kampung ana pakai pam basikal lah kasi masuk itu angin dalam kulit lah...

    1. Hehe... yes doc, sini ramai org arab. Most of them are students and are here with their families.
      Now that makes more sense, using pam basikal. Tapi I tengok pak arab2 tu tak der masalah langsung meniup :)

  2. wah daging kambing fresh.....sedap tu
    tempat i lembu aje...

    1. mereka qurban lembu shajaa huhuhu

    2. I know, right. Alas, I can't eat mutton sebab blood pressure :(
      Masa korban at your place, bro ader ambik gambar tak?

    3. takde la bro....pasal tak sempat nak capai pun camera tu. tangan sibuk buat kerja2 potong ,timbang dan bungkus daging la bro

  3. saya kan..
    En Syed..
    kalau orang berdarah terbelah sana sini..
    saya tak ngeri..

    tapi kan..
    saya ngeri lak nengok lembu lembu ni!!

  4. Replies
    1. Hehe... yes, kambing :)

      I reckon that is advantageous you being a doctor and all, betul tak doc? :)
      I sebaliknya. Once I almost vomitted ternampak accident. There was blood and body parts. Ok, I better not recall....

  5. kita pun tak kisah tengok lembu2 kena sembelih or tengok darah yg membuak2 keluar...tapi kan..tapi kan..tapi kan...kita akan rasa semacam bila bau darah tu...plus....taik lembu...hehehehehehe.

    1. Hahaha... actually, I ada terpijak taik kambing tu. Aduhh... semerbak sungguh. Nasib baik I noticed sebelum masuk kereta. Otherwise, letak 40 ambi pur pun tak guna!