Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm just besides myself :). One of my photos was painted by an artist whose work I so totally admire. His name is Latif Maulan. And here's one of my photo he had selected and painted.

Latif's oil on canvas titled 'Budak bermain' can be seen here

Here's his

Senarai mereka yang telah memiliki lukisan Latif Maulan
Impressive yes?

:) :) :) me so happy.. hehe

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  1. latif maulan?wow..suke tgok lukisan die nak2 yg pakai pensil..lawa gila..

  2. en syed..
    lawa gambar latif maulan tu buat..
    sebijik cm yang pic en syed amek nih..

  3. Setuju dgn you PMJ. Memang lukisan2 giler best :)

    Thanks Chef. I'm sure Latif appreciate your comment :)

    Hi pal7 :). Latif tu memang hebat! I dah perhatikan secara detailed, memang awesome painting dia tu. I hope he'll paint more of my photos .. hehe.