Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Come unto me for a taste...
Drink my blood dearest heart of mine...
And we'll be as one till the end of time...
Forever young... forever together...
And I shall spent every precious moment...
... murmuring endearments....
let me become the appeasement of your unceasing hunger...
... and letting you know that this heart is yours...

For you my love a gift for eternity....

Baru lepas tengok 'Twilight'.. hehe...

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  1. ingatkan citer twilight tu citer antu, sekali citer romantic .. ngantuk tengok tuari kat wayang..

  2. citer romantic la best.....citer hantu...buat kita naik hantu la ben.....tak gitu encik syed???

  3. Benedict Bernard ~ Are you, like, serious? Get outta here! Ok, like, I know it's not the most awesome vampire movie [Interview with the Vampire got my 2 thumbs up for example] still you've gotta admit that it has that rather fresh new twist that made it endearing and romantic. That baseball scene tu kan best bro.. hehe :). And bila Edward said, 'You’re my own personal brand of heroin....' to Bella, you tak kan tak feel apa2 kot. To me that was like an awesome one liner... and spoken from the perspective of a vampire made it that much more appealing... Anyway, I wished you could have enjoyed the movie a bit more than being put to sleep by it.. haha :D

    Chef Aduka ~ WORD!! Citer hantu with a twist of romance and cool special effects... now that's my kinda movie.. hehe

  4. abg, moi not the romantic type. So i dont really fancy that kind of movie.. sorrryyy... !

    btw 1st may i will be in KL. catch up with coffee with me?

  5. Benedict Bernard ~ Sure or not you not romantic... hehe...

    Meet up? After Friday prayer boleh kot. I confirm later, k. Laptop bro ader Photoshop tak?

  6. Benedict Bernard ~ KLCC would be good me think.

  7. ok can.. 2.30pm till 5 bole? coz i got dinner appt later.. lunch on me :) ctc no ?

  8. huahhhhhhhhh....nak itoot ben dgn abg syed!!!!

  9. ade perjumpaan tertutup ker??haha..

    ops lari subject..haha

  10. Benedict Bernard - Sounds good to me. Yeah me got stuff to do also that night. E-mail me at ezdy@hotmail.com ....aight :)

    Chef Aduka - Hey, totally ok with me. Ben do you mind if Chef joins too?

    pal7 - Sure looks like it bro :)

  11. chef tu my friend. datang laaar..

    ok will email u my ctc. pls reply with your contact... coz i dont use my local number when im in malaysia :)

  12. tgk la kalau tempat keje tutup this 1st may...hehehe

  13. are you sure you don't have any fang in any of your molar Tn. Syed ;)

  14. Benedict Bernard - I figured as much but had to be sure. So I'll see the both of you 1st. May, aight...

    Chef Aduka - Ok, kalau close for business, come join us :)

    DrSam - Sssshhhhhh.... ;)